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>Giveaway Weekend!


Hello all! I’m so excited for this weekend’s giveaway!

The timing of this one is funny, cause I’ve been thinking lately that it’s been a while since I’ve done a good crafty project. I’ve had this urge to pull out the glue gun, cause we all know glue gunning does the mind good. 🙂

And then I found out about Pick Your Plum.

It. is. FUN:image

Pick Your Plum…get it before your neighbor does.

Pick Your Plum is a fantastic resource for crafty supplies – they find great deals on high quality products and their prices are AMAZING.

But there’s only a limited amount of each product available, so you have to act on the deals fast!

Today’s deal was so smashing, they were gone within hours:

Pick Your PlumThese cutie chalkboard labels were going for three for $.75 (for the basic version) and three for $1.50 (for the fancy version).

LOVE them!: 

chalkboard labels

Think about all the wonderful labeling you could do with those babies!! I’m in heaven!

Pick Your Plum is a new site — they just kicked off last Friday — but it’s going strong already! These metal handles sold out on Tuesday:

Pick Your Plum


Those would look fantastic on a DIY tray project!

And their vinyl sheets were gone on Friday: Pick Your Plum

What crafty lady couldn’t use vinyl at an incredible price?

I loved these plate stands from the other day too:Pick Your PlumSome of the upcoming supplies and goodies include hand painted vintage inspired knobs, table runners, metal plate holders, treat bags… basically all FUN STUFF.

But remember, the items only go up once a day at 7 a.m. (MST) and after they’re gone, they are GONE FOREVER!! OK,that may be a little intense. 🙂 But you have to catch the deals fast.

The lovely folks at Pick Your Plum are giving away – get this — $100 to a winner to spend as you wish. Like, cold, hard, cash — $100. One hundred buckaroos peeps!

Happy Easter to YOU! 🙂

There are three ways to enter this giveaway and win the $100:

1. Leave a comment here. How you doin’?

2. Follow them at their FB page so you’ll know what’s up and how fast you have to act. Come back and leave a comment to let us know you “liked” them.

3. Get on their email list you can find out the deals before everyone else. Well…everyone that’s not on the mailing list. 😉 Come back here to let us know that one in a comment too.

WHOO! Told you this was fun! I’m checking out this site every day to get my crafty mojo going!

Have a wonderful, blessed Easter weekend!


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