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مصمم ديكور

>Summer lovin’


Hello all! I have a quick, fun announcement about an upcoming linky extravaganza!! 🙂

I’m joining up again with my bloggy gal pals Kate, Layla and Rhoda for FOUR fun linky parties sure to get you in the mood for the summer! We had a blast putting together our Holiday Home party, so we thought it fitting to do a warmer version:


The linkies will be spread out over two weeks, so we wanted to let you know way ahead of time. Layla will host the mantel shindig, Rhoda will cover recipes (I need to COOK?!), Kate will take care of general outdoor decor/ideas and I will kick it all off with a spray paint par-tay.

Cause what screams summer more than getting out in the fresh air and spray painting?? Nothing, I say. 🙂

So start thinking up projects you want to share, and we’ll see you on the 17th!! 


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