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>The gallery wall-to-be


Helloooo! How’s your week going?

We were on Spring Break around here last week and I was an absolute slug. Really – when hubby is home all day I’m just completely worthless. All I want to do is sit around, eat A LOT and watch ridiculous amounts of reality TV.


But by about Saturday at 5 p.m. last weekend, I my slothdom had run it’s course and I had to do something. And do something I did – I started one or fifty projects in the playroom turned game room. But this week has been so crazy,  none of it has been touched in five days.

The first little project I tackled is going to be a big one and I can’t WAIT to show you:

It involves a closet, an electrician, paint and me learning how to build stuff – we’ll see how that last part goes. Could get interesting.

But if it all comes together = AWESOME! Ack, I’m so excited about this one.

Next up is the pile of mdf sitting in the garage, waiting to be installed in the room:

I really hope to get that project done this weekend – it’s going to make a huge difference in there!

But the most dramatic change involves taking all of these off the wall:

No, not ladders. 🙂

The shelves that have been up for about five years:

I love them, I do! I’m just ready for a change – a change that came to mind as I was going through our boxes and boxes (and. boxes.) of photos recently.

We have so many special family photos and I must display them. They are fantastic – I just had to show you a few of my favorites.

I adore pictures of my husband as a child. ADORE. I wish I could travel back in time when I see these:


And it absolutely kills me how much he looks like our son. I need to get a similar shirt for the Bub and take a picture just like this. They could be twins.

Here’s hubs with my late brother-in-law:

Oh my, couldn’t you just squish them? 🙂

I love this one of my in-laws:

I love imagining the setting, who was there, what they were celebrating – all of it.

The older pictures of my grandparents are some of my favorites – just look how beautiful my Grandmother is in this picture:

Do you see her wedding gown? Stunning. And my Grandpa looks so handsome! I miss them both so.

Looks like my other Grandpa was an aspiring actor at a young age:

This photo is actually quite large – at least 30 people were in this Ladies Aid Society play. 🙂 I love everything about it – the costumes, the fake beards and mustaches, the mischievous glint in my Grandpa’s eyes:

And he got his beautiful eyes from his Dad (the groom):

I don’t remember my Great-Grandfather, but his lovely wife (to the right) is my namesake. She was a really fantastic, strong Hungarian woman. And she made some mean kifli. Ohh, I must learn how to make them.

One of my absolute favorite pics isn’t one of the oldest. It’s from my childhood, so probably only 20 25 30 years ago:

OK, it’s pretty old. 😉

We went camping all the time when I was young, and that picture was taken at Brown County State Park (Indiana) in the fall. That’s my Dad pushing me, and my favorite part of this picture is the absolute JOY on my face.

This is the reason photos fill the walls in our home.  🙂

I’ve started building up my stash of frames again – and my go to spot is always Goodwill. I found these large, chunky frames today:

I can’t wait to start framing everything and filling up this wall:

It’s gonna be fantastic. I hope. Crossing fingers. It’s pretty awesome in my head.

There’s lots of stuff going on under that TV too, and I’ll show you that SOON.  🙂

So that’s the madness going on in my noggin and in our playroom this week. I need to focus and get at least one part of this totally last minute, by-accident mini redo DONE.

So, is there an old family photo you treasure? How far do yours go back? I’m guessing some of mine are last 100 years old, and they’re all originals. Anyone know the best way to store old photos? I plan on scanning them all, but I’d like to keep the originals stored safely away.


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