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>Covering the (nekked) windows


Remember those nekked kitchen windows? I loved how much light they let into our formerly dark space. I have lived, quite happily, with nothing on those windows for at least six months now.

I decided I was going to keep them that way until I found just the right covering, at just the right price, that I loved. If I didn’t find all of the above, they were staying nekked…FOREVA!!!

OK, that was a little intense. But I wasn’t going to force anything. I wanted it to be natural. To flow. Be cool.

And over the past few weeks…it all aligned perfectly. 🙂

It started when I found this purdy fabric a while back at Calico Corners:

I got it for another room, and LOVE it there. Love. (I’ll show you that soon!) But for some reason, I had a ton extra – I think I had planned on making pillows, but I had enough left for some mongo pillows.

So…the idea hit me. The colors would be so freakin’ pretty in our kitchen! I held it up to a kitchen window and was hooked. It took about 45 minutes with my hemming tape and iron and I had some cute cafe curtains:


I didn’t even line them. I might later, might not. I didn’t make a rod pocket either – I just hung them with the clips using this technique.

I live on the edge people.

Remember the pendant light I installed over the kitchen sink? I had taken that shade off to use in the living room and put another drum shade up. It’s not in the best condition, but it was a $1.99 Goodwill find last year, so I’m making it work!

It had black trim on the top and bottom of the shade, so I just took that off:

I found some double fold bias tape in a pretty green color (for less than $2!) and because the shade was still sticky from the black tape, I just stuck the green one on:


You can see how beat up the shade is in this pic, but from the ground it’s not nearly as noticeable. It may not be staying up anyway…but more on that later. 🙂

Finally, my little window makeover was complete! It’s so fun and fresh and springy!:

I played around with the height, and ended up with something a little longer than half the window. I used a dark tension rod to match the drapery rings, but I may try a white one too. Although I do dig the contrast of the dark rod.

I love the flowers in simple glass bottles on the windowsill:IMG_3848

Best part – the new curtains still let the light in, but if I ever go into freak out mode at night, I can pull easily pull them closed. 🙂

Awhile back I found a Target rug that pulled in the blues from the family room, and now I couldn’t be happier with how the rug, chairs and drapes are working together:

colors in the kitchen

Because they aren’t right next to each other, (I think) they totally work. They all have the same shades of green and the fabric and rug have the same smoky blue color. All have a supa fun design too. 🙂

And my covered windows didn’t stop there! A couple weeks ago I came across some clearanced bamboo shades that were the perfect size for the bay windows:

Only $11 each baby!

The shades aren’t the exact tone of those in the family room, so I’ll have to see how they work on a sunny day. Hopefully it won’t drive me nutty.

You wouldn’t think it from this picture, but it was cloudy and rainy today:

bay window in kitchen

Yay!! I still have my light and bright, but with some texture (and privacy if we need it). Can I get a hollaaaa?

I have some ideas in mind to add some color with accessories to the nook too. 🙂

Only a few more projects to go and our kitchen redo is complete! You know, the one I started almost a YEAR ago? 🙂 Something about that year deadline is getting my booty in gear.

But so far, so good. Me likey:


The cafe curtains are another P. Kaufmann fabric – I wrote down the name and now I can’t find it! I know, hate me. I do know it had the word “citrine” in it, but I can’t find this fabric online. I’ll call tomorrow and get the name to update this post.

So do you have any nekked windows? Like them? Hate them? Waiting for the just-right-treatments to come along? Do tell.

**I found the name! It’s called Spring Vine Opal from P. Kaufmann. And my lovely living room drapery fabric is called Retreat Blue Citrine, also from P. Kaufmann. (I got the names of the fabrics mixed up.)


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