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>A mossy vignette


Well, if spring isn’t going to show up, I’m going to WILL it here. I’m planting my herbs tomorrow (inside), I’ve refused to wear my coat for the past few days and gosh DARN IT, I am decorating for it.

And if you decorate for it, it will come. That’s my hope anyway. 🙂

I wanted to spring bling out our foyer and the first project was an easy one. The inspiration came from Pottery Barn:


Are you surprised??

Their mossy letters are about 20 inches tall and run about $80 each.



Mine is 23 inches tall and cost me $7. Awww to the YEAH.

I already had one big part of this one project, so that helped the cost a bit. I made a fluffy green Christmas monogram a few years ago:


I unraveled the garland and used the honkin’ letter to create my new spring masterpiece:

You can get these cardboard letters in various sizes at Joann’s – I got mine years ago with a coupon so it was only $5.

For this project, I got a huge sheet of mossy stuff:

I got this at Joann’s as well – it was $15 but I had a 40 percent off coupon, and then another 25 percent off my whole purchase. Saawheet.

I used hot glue to adhere the moss to the letter, and kind of cut out the moss as I went. On the curves I cut it so it would fit against the sides flush:

I cut out little triangle shapes to make it lay flat, so I used those to fill it all in later. (You can’t even tell where I glued them on.) Then I trimmed it up and it was done!

Two things if you try this – the hot glue will bleed through the moss sheet, so watch your fingers! For reals. Yikes. And wow – just. WOW. This project is messy:

Thank you Mr. Dyson.

The mess was worth it though — it turned out just as I had hoped!:

diy mossy letter

I hung it over the mirror, (with hot glue again) but it would also look fantastic on a front door! Because I was too lazy didn’t want to do the back, you could see it was unfinished when I hung it. I used some of that sticky gummy stuff (that you use to hang posters) to hold it to the mirror:


Ahh yes, much better.

I finished off the buffet by working (mostly) with items I already had. My friend Missy was so sweet and sent me some mossy rocks from the Dollar Tree:

mossy rocks

I couldn’t find them at our stores and was thrilled when she found some for me!

I added a few to my iron candleholder from a recent thrifting trip:

I put a nest where the candle should go and perched a little bird inside.

Pretty bird. Yeah, pretty bird. (Name that movie!) 🙂

I put another nest (you’ll see this is a trend) under a small cloche and called it done for that side:

pottery barn mossy letter

For the other side of the buffet, I used some Spanish moss under a cloche and nestled a small basket with eggs inside:

spanish moss

I am LOVING that Spanish moss! I’ve never used it before and it’s just beautiful. The little basket was a Pottery Barn splurge a couple of months ago – for $6. 🙂

I put some craft paper through our shredder to create another nest of sorts in an apothecary jar:

craft paper nest

Hello?? Cauute and free!

The largest apothecary jar is filled with more Spanish moss, a small nest and more eggs:

spring apothecary jars

ALL of these eggs were $4 at Joann’s last weekend!

My only purchases for this little vignette were the sheet of moss and the eggs:

I tried placing the three glass pieces on the left on a tray at first, but found I liked the simpler look of the glass on the black buffet:

spring vignette

I love it! Good thing too, cause knowing me, the eggs will still be out in July. 🙂

I was going for a springy moss look mixed with some glass sophistication:

All done in about an hour and with $10 of (new) supplies. Me likey.

Have you pulled out any spring decor yet? I don’t do much, but you really can’t go wrong with nests, eggs, some green stuff and a bird or two thrown in. 😉

I’m linking this up to my friend Kate’s spring party! (Late to the party as always.)

Thanks for all the great comments on my solution for our paper clutter! You can still enter to win the Sentry Safe here till Friday!


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