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Fall/Halloween, مصمم ديكور

>Rewind: Warm fall glow


fall glow

Can you believe I am just now really starting to decorate for fall? Most of you probably think I’m right on time, but this is about a month late for me. 😉 My recent aversion to stuff has made me cringe at the thought of pulling the bins upstairs.

But this weekend I finally got the bug, and it’s coming out slowly but surely. It’ll just be a tad simpler this year.

Last year I showed you how to take some of your most basic decor and make your home glow with the fall season – this is a repost for anyone that wasn’t around these parts a year ago.  😉

Funny how pretty much every space in the photos below has completely changed since then. Don’t get too confused. 🙂

Enjoy! (Some updated pics will follow.)


When it comes to decorating for fall, there are three things you need for a fabulous result: different textures, layering of the textures and it’s gotta smell gooooood! You can’t go wrong if you incorporate all of these.

I like to take items I already have and change them up for fall. For this display, I used a tray (Southern Living at Home, I love you!) I already had: I had the two larger candleholders, and purchased the three smaller ones for $1.50 each at Hobby Lobby. I placed them so the sizes were layered, and and filled in between with my go-to fall filler:

I got this stuff at Z Gallerie a couple years ago and it’s still my favorite filler for this time of year. It’s got glitz, it’s got natural, it’s got warm. Awesome.
I fluffed it all just so and added my candles — the large ones were $5 from HomeGoods, the smaller were $3.50 at Hobby Lobby:
It took all of five minutes to do. I bet you have items laying around you could use too!

I wish they had scratch and sniff computers. The scent of cinnamon and apples is wafting through our house.
This is my view while I blog tonight:

Loverly. Have I mentioned yet how very much I ADORE fall? Just in case I haven’t, I. ADORE. fall.
Our family room mantel has been warmed up as well. Last year I found some scrap wood, stained it and it serves as the perch for simple red and brown candles:
You’ll soon realize I am a bit obsessed with these beady things. I think they are GORG. You can find them at Michael’s. (I always get them on sale, they are $7 each before the discount.) I weave them through the candles for texture:

And wrapped them around the candles in the hurricanes for more texture and layering:

Yum. I could just eat it, it’s just delicious. Well, not really, but you know what I’m sayin’:
These candleholders are so fun to fill during the holidays. Funny how I can’t figure out what to put in these things most of the year, but from now until early January, I’m golden:
I fill the bottom of each with leaves in different shades of orange and red:
I get my leaves by finding garland I like, then snipping off the leaves. This is much cheaper than buying packages of leaves.
I add my candles and then my "scatter" — I love this stuff! This I found at Pier 1 years ago, and I think they still carry something similar:

Autumn-inspired ribbon is tied around and fluffed just a bit for a final touch. Sigh. 🙂
In the kitchen, I used another Southern Living piece and a clearanced plate from Pier 1:

I wrapped the candle with more foamy beady things (I used double stick tape on the back to secure them). Again, layering and texturing (word?):

Oh yeah, and a yummy candle. Glorious!

Try taking items you already have — add a candle and then some texture — whether it be pumpkins, acorns, apples, leaves, whatever! (Just make sure they aren’t near the flame! Yikes.) Have I mentioned how much I love… ummm… OK, I’ll shut it. I’m off to eat a caramel apple covered in peanuts, that should shut me up.


OK, totally weird, cause I’m about to eat a caramel apple again…right now. 🙂

I still haven’t touched the mantel or most of the other decor I mentioned in this post last year, but the tray with candles took less than five minutes to throw together on our new old Craigslist dresser:


I used the two big chunky candles from the mantel last year in the bigger glass candleholders and I love how beefy they are:

IMG_0265 Because I used what I had, this little display cost me zero buckaroos, and I love it:IMG_0281

Take any kind of tray, (check out Goodwill if you don’t have one!), some candles and any kind of filler and you’ll have a beautiful fall glow for your home! Lurve…


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