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General Tips نصائح عامة, صحه وجمال

>General Tips نصائح عامة


General Tips نصائح عامة

– The best way and time to eat when hungry and not on the rights and satiation.
– Fasting on Mondays and Thursdays or three days of each month, the best means of treatment and preventive measures to the human body.
– Sit down during the drinking water, and quietly the best way to drink water.
– Honey regulates the breathing and to benefit the people of anemia and aging and is used in many treatments.
– Excellent food, bread is essential for a person for the first ways to take advantage of it is to chew .
– Butter better than margarine as a fatty animal to contain the vitamin (a).
– Is useful in the treatment of vaginal secretions, eating figs and the use of chamomile Lye.
– The best remedy to remove kidney stones olive Children of Israel.
– Hardening of the arteries occurs as a result of excessive fatty foods and address the reduction of taking green salad.
– Orange, garlic lowers cholesterol levels in the blood and addresses the problems of the heart and blood vessels successfully.
– Liquorices address laryngitis.
– The body is most active at a time after dawn.
– Inflammatory disease of the kidney red urine.
– Castor oil from the oils that stimulate hair growth.
– For the treatment of a sprained foot or wrist placed in cold water compresses.
– Which increases the activity of the immune system black bean and garlic.
-Fig processors hemorrhoids.
– Enlarged prostate cause difficulty urinating, mild itching anus and weak erection.
– The best treatment of amoebic dysentery garlic and wormwood.
– Treatment of indigestion many drinking water on an empty stomach.
– The main cause of injury constipated poor diet and disease in the colon.
-only natural Dining that the bacteria do not breed honey bees.
– The body gets rid of harmful discharges through the urine and feces and sweat
.. – Henna used to treat dandruff.
-Siesta be between Zuhr and Asr.
– Long prostrating in prayer lead to the return of blood pressure to normal levels in the body.
– Remove the causes of anxiety and tension caused the efficient functioning of the immune system.
– Insulin, which converts sugar to carbohydrates and fats are excreted by the pancreas.
– The fasting person when breaking the fast first needed to sugars.
-Gout called disease of kings.
– Cleaning prevent urinary and reproductive organs of diseases that result from the accumulation of microbes and germs.
– Cleaning the left hand only.
– Nutritional benefit of milk is that it contains all the basic materials needed by the human body and contains material which is useful only creamy and good for young and adults.
– The best types of water at all the water of Zamzam.
– Cucumbers, helps to get rid of obesity.
– Garlic-called foam in the holy Qur’an.
– The strong pungent smell of garlic to it contains sulfur compounds.
– Guava contain a large proportion of vitamin A and C.
– The word banana in the Qur’an Acacia .
– Banana protects teeth from decay.
– Bananas can help reduce blood pressure.
– Liver function purification of toxins from the body.
– Massage with castor oil benefits in the treatment of a sprained wrist or foot or bruises.
– Indigestion over the pain of rheumatism.
– The task of lymph nodes to defend the body against microbial invasion.
– Chewing onion or garlic for four minutes is enough to kill all the microbes that exist in the mouth to the degree of sterilization.
– Vaginal secretions of women are not transmitted to the man in a manner of infection.
– Dates and honey warn movement and strength of uterine contraction during birth.
– Milk boiled with garlic cloves kills the worms in the intestine.
– Acne may appear on the back, chest and face.
– It is banned for man intercourse menstrual period of his wife.
– Henna treatment of head lice.
– Dates: maintain and strengthen the consideration of the optic nerve.
– Boils: A small abscesses.
– Honey bees help to speed the healing of wounds.
– Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to cells of the body and expel carbon dioxide
– Noise and high voices negatively affect the ear and nerves.
– Walking regular active glands and rids the body of many of the grease and fat.
– Hardening of the arteries leading to high blood pressure and blood clots.
-High blood pressure sometimes leads to a bleeding nose.
– Conservative prayer rarely get sick with varicose veins.
– Prayer helps the validity of the power supply in the bones.
– Prayer natural tension remover.
– The Holy Qur’an recitation by the rules ease the tension as it works to regulate breathing.
– Fasting reduces the cholesterol in the blood and protects against stroke, heart and brain.
– Rinsing strengthen facial muscles.
– Most days of breastfeeding the first two days to contain the mother’s milk which the antibodies of diseases and bacteria.
– Cucumbers, increases the body’s ability to get rid of excess water from the need.
– Inhalation of water vapor boiled cinnamon repellent mine.
– Too much coffee is harmful to heart patients and gout.
– Barley is useful in maintaining the health of the urinary system.
– Eat wet reduces the risk of cancer.
– Wet is very useful for pregnant and nursing mothers.
– Ginger is used in the treatment of gout.
– Lentils strengthens the nerves and addresses anemia in children.
– Volatile oils found in onions have a fatal effect of many harmful microbes.
– Eat onions positive affect on the ability of sex.
– It is recommended eating watermelon middle of the food ,not between meals.


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