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الإعجاز العلمي لماء زمزم Scientific Miracles of Zamzam water, صحه وجمال

>الإعجاز العلمي لماء زمزم Scientific Miracles of Zamzam water


الإعجاز العلمي لماء زمزم Scientific Miracles of Zamzam water

Is the water of Zamzam advantage over others in the installation?? Yes Zamzam water have the advantage in terms of structure, he had some Pakistani researchers for a long time demonstrating by this, and the Hajj Research Center, studies on the water of Zamzam, and found that the water of Zamzam water, surprisingly different, “said the engineer,” Sami Angawi “President of the Hajj Research Center .. When we were digging in Zamzam when the new expansion of the campus where we were taken from the water of Zamzam our chagrin tender .. As we increased the water .. Our main three pumps to have Zamzam water so as to allow us to lay the foundations, then we have a study of Zamzam water from its source to see if the bacteria?! We found that there’s no bacteria one!! Pure and clear, but may occur after the type of pollution in the use of current or water pipes or Aquarius pollution comes from other! , But it is pure nothing in it at all. That’s about privacy and the privacy of Zamzam water also find that you always .. And always gives since the era of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him today is overflowing. How long that is not well of Zamzam water?! Fifty years, hundred years .. and then water will dry out and ending. what about this well does not always implement the hundred? He said peace be upon him: (Zamzam water to drink to its aim) narrated by Ahmad – I learned the right note of unequivocal story of a man from Yemen – I know him he is my friend – this old man has poor sight .. Due to old age, and nearly lost his sight! , And was reading the qouran and is keen to read the Quran .. A lot of reading the Quran and he does not want to separate this holy book, but vision loss, how does it do? ! He said: I heard that Zamzam is the cure so I came to Zamzam, and I have already drunk, I saw him take the small book of holy Quran from his pocket and opens it and reads ,yes I swear to God he opens and reads and he could not read big letters larger than this book, and said: This is after drinking from Zamzam. So my brother this Hadith of the Messenger of God peace be upon him, but pray the police that the owner be fairly certain to answer the requirement to be responsive, police clause to achieve the answer: ( If my worshipers ask you about me, iam the nearest to all and give them what asked){cow:186}
Source: “You ask and answer Sheikh Zindani about the scientific miracles in the Quran and Sunnah” by Shaykh Abdul Majid alZindani Yusreya recovered from scarlet ulcer in her left eye after use the water of Zamzam The one Muslim brother after returning from a pilgrimage he says: a virtuous woman told me her name – Yusreya Abdel-Rahman Haraz – they lead the pilgrimage with us within the Ministry of Awqaf of the miracle that occurred with the blessings of the water of Zamzam, said: years ago, she is a crimson ulcer in her left eye resulted by migraine headache does not leave her day and night, in calm him painkillers .. As they were almost completely lost vision because of their eyes by the white mist .. I went to one of the top ophthalmologists said that he had no way to stop the headaches but by giving them an injection to eliminate it, at the same time do you spend on the eye not see forever. Ms. Yusreya and horrified by this news harsh, but she was confident the mercy of God and is confident that it will provide reasons for healing, although it is certain medicine and doctors in the waning hope that .. I thought in the performance of Umrah, to be able to seek recovery directly from God at his home is haraam. And came to Mecca, walked around the Kaaba, which was not a large number of Taivin at the time, allowing them – as they say – to accept the Black Stone, and affect the same patient by .. Then headed to the water of Zamzam from Cuba to fill and wash the same .. And then do the search and returned to the hotel in the nude I was surprised after returning to the hotel to the same patient became completely intact, and that the symptoms of ulcer scarlet faded and no longer have little effect How was the eradication of ulcer without surgery?! .. How cuts back is impossible to recover to normal without treatment?! The doctor informed of what happened, but did not have to shout from the depths of God more that this patient that failed to medicine in the treatment dealt with the Great Physician in the clinic told her that God’s Holy Prophet peace be upon him: (Zamzam water to drink to its aim, if you drink it you will be treated God treats you, If you drink to feed God will feed you – If you drink to cut thirst God will cut it – which was defeated by Gabriel and watering God for Ismail) Narrated by al-Daaraqutni
Output pebble without surgery Like this story and other stories we hear about or read about their owners, which, if nothing else shown indicate the sincerity of what the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him for this blessed well of Zamzam The author of this story, Dr. Farouk Antar says I had Stones in the ureter years ago, and doctors decided to remove them but the impossibility of a surgical procedure, but was postponed twice a scientific .. Then for me to perform Umrah, and ask God to bless the grace of healing and directed this stone without surgery? Indeed, Dr. Farouk traveled to Mecca, Umrah and has drunk the water of Zamzam ,kissed the Black Stone, and then he prayed two before leaving the Haram, felt pain in the ureter, ran to the w c , a miracle occurs, and graduated large pebble out, and healing without entering the operating room , it was out of this pebble surprise him and the doctors who were on treatment, and follow his condition. Source: “Scientific Miracles in Islam and the Sunnah of the Prophet” by Mohammed Kamil Abdel Sammad
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