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>Fantastic vinyl giveaway!

>**This giveaway is now closed!

Well this is a good one folks. (Aren’t they all?) I can’t wait to share my latest fab giveaway with you!

Although it’s supposed to be an unlucky day today, it’s going to be a great one for one of you Squeezies! Cammi at Scribble It has graciously offered one of YOU a gift card for her vinyl products!

You know I love the vinyl — I use it all over the place. The great thing about these items is you can use them anywhere. A mirror, a frame, the possibilities are endless. You can definitely use this product even if you are renting — put them on a board and hang it with a ribbon, for example. These are a few of my favorites…

Look! Squeal! This is so similar to my laundry room vinyl! I get so many questions about it, so here. you. go.

I think these hanging utensils would be so stinkin’ fun on the backsplash in a kitchen:

(And you can get them in silver, so you are set.)

OK, I couldn’t let this post get by without including some adorable little owls. I mean, seriously. Look at the one with the flower in her hair:

I have a thing for the vinyl dandelions. If you got this one, I would spread these out over a whole wall:

Have you seen those vintage prints with the red bicycle? How fun with this bicycle built for two be on a large board, all distressed and hung on a wall?:

I love simple embellishments like this one:

This one may go on our mantel. I have been trying to find the perfect, skinny, simple vinyl to put in a spot there. This would look fab in the spaces above windows and doors too. What a great accent! And it’s less than $4 for a 22-inch wide vinyl — that’s fantastic.

This one is for the front door, but instead of just putting it up for one season, try it in red, on a white, distressed board, hung on the front door from a gorgeous, thick ribbon:

That way, you can use it every year. 😉

If you have or want beadboard in your bathroom, then your bathroom is calling out for this one:

Doesn’t it look like it would work perfectly?

Lastly, I LOVE this — put it on a board, then attach the board to the wall with hinges:

I mean, this is just fun, that’s all I’m sayin’. 🙂 It’s the perfect time to buy for the holidays too — orders will be shipped within two to five days! That’s fast enough for my impatience, and you know that’s hard to do. Cammi also has a great photo gallery where you can see many of the items in color, in real homes.

To be entered for a $25 gift card towards any purchase at Scribble It — custom or otherwise — you know the drill! Leave a comment here this weekend. For a second entry, check out Cammi’s site here, find one of your favorites, then come back to leave another comment with that one. (You may need to wait a sec for each page to load.)
If you post anonymously, please make sure to leave an email and name so I know who you are if you win! This giveaway will close at noon (pacific time) on Monday, the 16th.

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