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>(Almost) free Halloween decor

>I’m so stinking excited you all love my redo as much as I do!! It’s GORG, eh? It just feels like “home” to me, like it always should have looked this way. 😉

It hit me this week that, uhhhhh, Halloween is like, in two days and I hadn’t shown you more of my decor. Maybe you can file some ideas away for next year, yes?

Most of my Halloween decor — well ALL of my Halloween decor — was made by moi or purchased on the cheap. I showed you my free spooky mantel here, my ghouly candleholders here and my Halloween crafting here. All were super cheap or faaaareeee!

Here’s more of the other el cheapo decorations I promise every one of you can do!

A glittery word from Hob Lob, cut off the ribbon and attach it to scrapbook paper in an old frame:
The gumball machine was $4 at Goodwill and I couldn’t. resist. it. I tried, I did. It’s perfect for peanut M&M’s. Makes it a bit harder to get to them, which is a good thing. 😉

These labels are free online (if you search Halloween labels you should find some) — I did these last year with Goodwill bottles so I can’t remember where I found them:
This year I got a few more little jars for $.25 each at GW, and printed off itty bitty labels I found here. (You have to see all of the ideas Lorie finds — amazing!! I couldn’t find the actual post for these — do you know where it is Lorie?)

Years ago I found images online, printed them out and cut out the shapes in stiff felt. They’ve lasted for a long time and I love how they look on our windows:

When you take three cardboard letters that spell out BOO and half off scrapbook paper, this is what you get:
Four bucks total, I believe? I think the paper cost more than the pumpkin for this one:

Outside, I used spidey web lights I found at the drug store last year on clearance (drug stores have some fun stuff for CHEAP after the holidays.) I think these cost me two bucks:

And of course my dollar store tombstones are all over the front yard! I touched them up with white paint and they look awesome:

This one was probably the most expensive project — I found these vinyl stickers at HomeGoods a few weeks ago and got Spooky and Scary for $6:
I took some scrap wood, spray painted it, distressed it and drilled holes for the ribbon to hang it:

Adorable. Cheap. Thankyouverymuch. (“Scary” is vertical and leans against a wall in our foyer.)

Fun stuff eh??
Please don’t let all of this fool you. I have a secret…
I am sooooo cheating…
I couldn’t resist, really. Could you? (Don’t tell me if you could.)

Another Before and After Party is coming up this Monday!! (I’ll have the post up Sunday night!) You just need a before picture and the after to join us. Wooeee, I love a party!!

I’ll also share my first Christmas project next week — I’ve mentioned it before but you’ll need some time to prepare for this one. 😉


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