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Fall/Halloween, painting, مصمم ديكور

>Metallic pumpkins!

> This time of year, pumpkins have puked all over our house. In a really nice way. I have wood pumpkins:
Hee. Aren’t they precious?

I have glittered pumpkins:

(Take some glue, brush it on, and put on the glitter.)
I have real pumpkins all over the place outside:
I have metal pumpkins:

And last year I used black paint and made some cauuute tags to make a set of “Welcome” pumpkins:

But this year my favorite pumpkins are my metallic ones:

For these, I took cheapy plastic pumpkins and sprayed them with my beloved oil rubbed bronze spray paint, then took just a bit of my loverly glaze and brushed a bit on over the top:

It gives them just a little bit of shimmer. Sigh. I love my glaze!! (By the way, my pumpkins were all about a buck, from Hobby Lobby on sale and WalMart.)
I also did some with a copper spray paint, with a bit of the ORB spray over it:
Some I did the bronze first, and then just a bit of the copper, but it’s a lot more subtle:

At our dining table settings, I used the copper by itself on some:

And added a bit of ORB spray on others:

Here’s the good stuff — my faux glaze I use on just about everything (from Lowe’s), the Rustoleum ORB spray paint it’s getting harder and harder to find, (boo hiss) and my “burnished copper” spray paint from the craft store:

Check out the metallic pumpkins at Whispering Creek House and at 320 Sycamore. And the gilded gold leaf (what a good idea!) pumpkins at The Magic Brush!
Remember you can enter the ABCD Images giveaway till Monday the 26th at noon Eastern time!
And YES, the dining room is coming tomorrow. I’m finishing up the bench and it’s proving a bit more difficult then I expected. (Why would I expect any seating in this room to be EASY ??)
P.S. I believe I said “pumpkins” 78 times in this post.

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