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>The Etsy site is LIVE!

>Whew, that took FOREVA. I just got all my listings up on my new Etsy site! Sheesh, that wasn’t quick. But it was kinda fun! To get to the shop, click here.

Here’s a sampling of my favorites…

I am SO IN LOVE with these vintage snack plates. I have a few different plates listed, but this design is my favorite:
I’m determined to gather enough of these to use for my small get togethers from now on. I feel like such an adult!! HA! So if none of you want these, that’s OK. 😉 I think they are gorgeous.

The aqua Ball jars with zinc lids are the most beautiful color I’ve ever seen:
I have a few available, both with lids and without.

I couldn’t resist this green compote:

Again, if you don’t want it, that’s OK. 🙂
And my favorite item, my little “Treat” jars. I made a set of these last year and thought I would see if any of any of you wanted them too:
They are perfect for little Halloween candy of all sorts, and the lids make you work to get to the candy, which is not a bad thing. 🙂
If you like them, I’ll make more! I have a few other items to list and a few items I’m reworking to list soon. Also, I am doing flat rate shipping for these items, at least to start. If I find the item costs way less or way more to ship, I will adjust the shipping cost and will contact the buyer personally. I hope you bear with me. I don’t want either of us to get screwed on shipping. 🙂 (Etsy does not figure shipping based on location, it’s just a flat rate.)
OH YEAH, and I am determined to make sure nothing in the shop costs more than $20 (before shipping). I will do my best to stick to that.
Click here to get to the shop! Enjoy!

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