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Giveaways and stuff, مصمم ديكور

>This stuff is goooood.

>Stay with me till the end for the Bomobob giveaway winner! 🙂

Speaking of Bob, I had to brag about my advertisers yet again, cause you know — they RAWK.

My newest advertiser, Amanda at Imperfectly Beautiful, has the caaaaautest Etsy shop you ever did see. When I saw these on her blog, I had to have them. They were even packaged so sweetly when they arrived, I could just die:
Squeal! I did! I squealed! YES, they are Christmas decorations. YES, I am going there. It’s only FOUR months away peeps. That’s like, only a third of a year. Geez.

The blocks were much bigger than I thought they would be. I love all the details — some of the paper even has sparkles (hard to see here):

Squeal! Sparkles!

I can’t tell you how pleased I was when I opened this up. Amanda does a great job, you must go check her out here. She’s working on an upcoming giveaway for you lovely folks too:And at Cara’s giveaway post for The Sheet Boutique, I told you how I bought the EzzzySleep fleece sheets.
They came super fast and uh. my. gawd., they are they most amazing sheets we’ve ever had!:
I know the picture doesn’t convey how comfy these are. They are so soft, I’m not even kidding. When I opened them up I was a little worried they would be too hot, but they are so comfortable, even though it is still fairly warm around here. I am SO thrilled with this purchase. Like sleeping in a fluffy cloud.

The winner of Bomobob’s fantastic giveaway is (randomly picked) Erin from Home is Where the Heart is! Erin, e-mail me and I’ll get you connected with Bob!

Come back tomorrow — I have some fun little projects to share. 🙂

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