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>A black door.

>OK, I know I promised the garage redo, and it’s coming, I cross-my-heart, pinkie swear. It’s been at least 90 degrees with 900 percent humidity this weekend, so making the final little changes puts me in a full out sweat fest.

It gets a bit nasty, and I think it’s best I finish it up tomorrow. 🙂

Anyhoo, I wanted to show you my favorite part of the garage — our painted door. Who knew a black door could make a girl so giddy? I saw a similar project over at Just a Girl a few weeks ago and knew her door must. be. mine.

Well, OK, not her black door — that would be totally weird. Copying her black door would have to suffice. I started with a white, blah, builder basic, dented, dirty white door:

I used my free quart of Glidden paint (that I also used on my side-of-the-road table) and my free paint liners:

They work every time. 😉 I didn’t prime it — but I do recommend priming if you have one iota of patience (unlike me). I did four coats, at least 12 hours apart. That would have been cut in half if I had used one coat of tinted primer first.

I considered making my own vinyl lettering, but about two seconds into it I realized it wasn’t such a good idea. I went to a local signage shop and they had this one for me in a couple hours:

Again, if I had just a smidge of patience, I would have ordered it from my advertiser, but alas, I had none. (Patience, that is.)

Love it!! YES, the lettering is slightly off center. I’ve already gotten over it. A little. Not really. I’m lying.
Now I want to paint everything black!! The cat! The car! The trim in our laundry room!:

What do you think?

Garage coming later this week — it’s really not that fantastic. Really — I mean, it’s just a garage. But the decrapification level (thanks Sue!!) is pretty high. Awesome.

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