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>Giveaway! And another giveaway!

>This weekend, I have two — count ’em — TWO fantastic giveaways for you chickees to enter! I am so excited to introduce you to my two of my latest advertisers. They both have graciously agreed to give away one of their items.


The first is my friend Beki, who has an Etsy site called Pampering Beki. It is filled with items you can pamper yourself with…I tried to find just a couple to share but couldn’t stop at two:

What new bride wouldn’t love this? Or even a new Momma? Sigh.
I absolutely love this one. The little tree just put me over the edge:

One for every kiddie on one necklace:

Just when I thought I couldn’t find anymore I loved, I found these. Swooooon:

Beki is giving away this beauty to one of you! Love it!!:Check out Beki’s blog here to see some of her beautiful photography and truly sweet posts.
Next, I want to welcome Bob and his Etsy shop Photos by Bomobob. His photography is amazing! Yet again, I couldn’t stop at just a couple.
I adore this one — how caauute would this be in a child’s bathroom?:


This one has to be my favorite. I. just. love. it.

I wish I could take pictures like that. Seriously. I think this one is fantastic:
I just feel like smiling when I see it.

How perfect would this be in a beach-themed room?:
Double sigh. I want to go there. (Name that TV show!)

Bob is giving away one of his 8×8 or 8×10 prints to one of you!
All you have to do to enter is leave a comment. To get a second and third entry, go to Beki and Bob’s Etsy sites and then come back here to leave another comment with your favorite item from each site. FUN!!
And while you are at it, have a great weekend!! I’ll announce the winner Sunday night, so let’s make the deadline 8 p.m. Sunday (Eastern time).
P.S. If you have ordered a consultation, I appreciate your patience with me! I’m running about a week out right now. If you need your consult done earlier than a week, just let me know. Thanks so much!!
P.P.S. I scored today at Goodwill!!! I can’t wait to show you what I got! (Have to wait on some glass cutting to be done before I can show you though.) I know! It’s killing you!

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