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>One dollar kitchen decor.

>I was going to show you the start of my deck transformation today so I could link up to Kimba’s party, but the rain is putting a major cramp in my style. I love rain, but when it interferes with my decorating, me don’t likey.

So instead, I did some spray painting in the garage. A couple weeks ago, I saw this project at Angie’s place and fell in love with it!
I was thinking of ways to try this out and thought of the perfect way to update the area by our kitchen window. I have small plates on each side of the window, but have had them up there for almost five years:Not much lasts that long in this house…it was time for a change. I got four small plates at GW for .25 each (!!). Hooooolla!! They were half off the .49:

I spray painted them black, and then cut up some small decorative pears I already had:

And just hot glued them on!:

Wait. I have issues:

There we go. I had to spray paint the plate hangers black. DOCD you know. (Decorating OCD.) And just because I love them so, a few more pics:



Adorable. Seriously folks. Total cost? One buckaroo! One dolla. One bill. One buck. You get the picture. I almost just spray painted my original plates so it would have been F.R.E.E. But I do like them and will use them for entertaining instead.

Thanks for the inspiration Angie! I heart you. Check out her lovely blog here and check out her version of this project:


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