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>Constructive criticism (?!)

>Do you Rate My Space? It’s a fantastic spot for inspiration over at HGTV. I used to be quite obsessed with it. Like, blogging obsessed. I would post my rooms and wait by the computer for those first few comments and ratings, biting my nails….all a-flutter.

Well, it wasn’t quite like that. But it was exciting to get decent ratings. But about a year ago I was a little over it. There was so much drama on that site…weirdos who would post a room over and over and over (and over). And whooeee, people could be mean! I got some really nasty comments, which always seemed to override the bunches of sweet comments.

But the not-so-nice comments would stick with me. And eventually I would realize, they could be right! (Dang it!) So I would move the furniture, change the drapes, remove items, and I would fall more in love with my space.

There are a few decorating tips I have learned through RMS and elsewhere that started out with a big fat “What? They are sooooo wrong, I am sooooo right, my room is perfect, they don’t know what the heck they’re talking about.” I have hesitated to mention these, because I never want to come off as trying to tell you how to decorate your home. They are just things that helped me to grow, decorating-wise.

The first is rug size. Most of the time, we buy rugs that are waaay too small for our space. I have done it, mostly because I don’t want to spend a load on a large rug. Here’s our family room, a couple years ago:
This was right after we got our floors installed, and I was happy as a clam! I was soooo happy that I had found a new spot for this rug. Then I posted the room on RMS and I got railed on for my small rug. 🙂

Eventually, after looking at it, I agreed, begrudgingly. I found a GORG rug at JC Penney’s and still love it:
This is the room today. (It’s like one of those comparison games in the kiddo magazines — can you find all the changes?) Honestly, I feel like it’s still too small. I got this size so we could still see the floors in this space. (And because I’m cheap. Shhhh.) Now, I want a larger one so the furniture will all sit on it. The consensus seems to be your furniture should either be all on the rug or all off.

The next one is a doozy. The owner of the decor firm I work for told me this a couple years ago and at the time I was all “Oh no she didn’t,” wagging finger in the air, taking off my earrings. But, she was right — I challenge you to find something other than a mirror for above your fireplace.

I know, I know! Stop yelling at me! I know! We ALL do it, I KNOW! Think about this though — what is the reflection that turns into your “art”?:
See that ceiling fan in the before pic of our bedroom fireplace? That was our “art” — it could be the light fixture, the ugly ceiling, whatever. Obviously, this happens because it’s hung so high.

This one is hard, in my opinion, to get around. Mirrors are easy to find, they are affordable and they can be found in pretty much any size you need. It is a challenge to find something else that works. Hence my wallpaper art I’ve shown you before:
And my molding and iron work on our family room fireplace:
Again, this is all relative. I have seen plenty of mirrors over fireplaces that I think work well — my girlfriend has a gorg round one with really thick framing that I’ve always loved. I love it because it is so large and such a statement.

My last one is another one I feel I’m bad at — hanging pictures at the right height on the wall. The recommendation is to hang everything at eye level. Well, I’m a monstrous 5’9″ so “eye level” for me is like, two feet above everyone else’s.

OK, not two feet, but it feels like it. I feel like I’m 11 feet tall sometimes, serious. So when I hang, I deliberately hang my art shorter than my eye level. And even then, I think it’s still too tall.

So what do you think? You know above all else, I believe you should do what makes YOU happy in your home. These are all just things to think about, because when you get over “Awww, heck NO! I can’t believe she said that I’m hanging my pictures too high!” and are talking to me again, you may change your mind.
Wringing hands. Crossing fingers.
I’ll leave you with another caa-ute baby gift for a friend. I took this:
And turned it into this:
Adorable, eh?


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