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>I will spray paint ANYTHING.

>Soooo…I still have a cell phone held together by tape…but…

I got my new bamboo shades for the family room! Whooty. Hoo. I love them. I shopped everywhere and ended up just getting them at Target for $35 each. Unfortunately/fortunately we have very tall windows, so I had to pay more for the 72 inchers:

I am SO over our blinds. UGH. We have the bamboo shades in a couple other rooms as well and I just love them, and I think slowly but surely I will replace all the blinds. This time I invested in the privacy liners for the back of them as well.

I wanted them in our bedroom so bad but didn’t want to spend another $70…so I borrowed them from another room. They weren’t the right color though. I tried (so hard!) to just live with them but just couldn’t.

I got the great? crazy? idea to spray paint them — and two cans of chocolate brown spray paint later:

Oh my. Loverly. Exactly what I wanted. It was crazy easy. I didn’t even paint the other side, since I used the privacy liners again. Here’s the honey color they were before with the new chocolate brown comparison:

So easy! So cheap! And they make the room super dark too. I loooove our room dark as long as possible in the morning.

So to answer your burning question about the hardwood/laminate in the last post…I told you it’s hard to tell anymore! The FIRST picture (of the two) is the real thing!! (And cost a LOT more than the other one…) See…hard to tell, eh?
P.S. Our floors (in the very first pic) are Pergo, color is Santos Cherry, from Home Depot. Heart them.

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