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>Where I write witty, brilliant things…

>HA! Stop laughing! My friend Ellie Mae tagged me to show where I blog…well, I usually blog on the laptop, which is all over the house. But I do a lot of looking at blogs in our office, does that count?

I painted the office last weekend. I was going for a rust color the first time I painted it and for about three years, I walked in every.day. and HATED the color. It wasn’t right — too orange, not enough rust. I took advantage of the Behr sale to break my neck break my back paint the whole room again — ceiling included. Oooooh yeah, I said ceiling. I redid it in a darker, brick color that I think I love. (It wasn’t sunny out today so the walls look a little orangy in this light):

Drapes are half widths of fabric, hemmed with hemming tape. Custom, long and EASY!:
I got rid of the $20 office chair I bought years back and found this parson’s chair at Kirkland’s for $60 last year. LOOOOVE it! And it’s comfy!:

We have a lot of pieces from our travels in here. These my hubby got for me while in Japan:
The kitties mean good luck:
The top art piece has our favorite place to eat in NYC in it, the middle is a poster I framed of the skyline, and the bottom is a pic I took at Ground Zero just a few months after 9-11:
Told you I painted the ceiling! 🙂 More about that later. The print up high is a picture of the Statue of Liberty in the dock in Paris, getting ready to come over to the U.S. Such a cool picture:

I’m a freak about Kleenex boxes. They have to match and I about squealed when I saw this one. Problem much?:

Ya’ll know I love cigar boxes for storage in here, and my sweet friend Bella sent me this one to add to my collection! It’s perfect!:
I moved most of my son’s toys to our loft and LOVE IT. There are still a few toys in here, of course. 🙂 The two larger bins were $5 (total!!) at the consignment shop — on sale and with my credit. Whoohoo! The basket was white-washed and I painted it black:

ACK! Look at those cords!! Hidden behind the trash can at least. Bleh:

My son wanted Bear to be in a picture:
See those little hands, waiting so patiently….
Not so much. He would reach for him RIGHT as I took the picture EVERY TIME. He is so sweet, I could eat him UP. He finally just held him there…so he wouldn’t have take his hands off of him. He loves that bear, just a little. 🙂

OK, no more office pics for a while, I’m sure you are officed-out.

OH! I’m so excited! I answered the rest of your questions, but I started a separate blog just for Q & A. Here is the link.


When I get good questions, I’ll post them there! Enjoy!


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