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Christmas, Goodwill, مصمم ديكور

>The tree that would not STAND UP.

>I figured you wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t show you…

Notice anything different??

No?? How about now?:

No, I’m not kidding, this tree is falling over again. I noticed it while I lounged on the couch out there the other night. Yeah…relaxing…imagine that. Later that night, I kind of wiggled it and it ALMOST FELL OVER AGAIN. Hubby was asleep, Sister was asleep, so there I was with my drill and drywall anchors at midnight, drilling holes in the wall to keep this bleeping thing up till Christmas!

Whew. Hubby swears “It will be fine.” I swear to you, if it falls again, I. Will. Lose. It.

Anyhoo…I wanted to show you some of my favorite decorations that I hadn’t shown you yet. There are more, but you’ll just have to wait till next year. 🙂 Warning: Picture overload!!

My favorite Santa. He watches over the countdown. Can you even believe Christmas is here?!:

Of course I have to dress up the brass knobs. (ugh.) I made these years ago and it was so easy — a few extra sprigs of garland, a few berries and an ornament twisted together:
More GORG magnolias:

My second cookie jar…this one was brand new at Goodwill for $5:

Yippee! I love this boot! (Rebecca, do you recognize it?):

Even the lamps don’t escape me…buwuwahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!:
I used rub on snowflakes for the mirror. $1.50 on sale, and I’ll keep them up through the winter:

The scrolly mirror holds our cards every year:

Dollar store snowflakes that hang in the windows:

I adore these little birds!! So much so, I paid full price of $3 for them at Target!! I’m eyeing them for Friday — but there’s only a few left…I’ll knock you out of the way if you go for ’em. Not kidding.

ACK! Tell me these are not CAAAUUUTE!! They were $1.99 each at Kirkland’s!:

More glass things for me to put stuff in…this is a cake stand and dome (yes it’s a stand, weird how it looks like it’s sitting on the island!) and I stuffed it with goodies:

I also hang ornaments from the windows:

I took some advice from Amanda and wrapped my candles with ribbon.
Guess where I got the ribbon? From Amanda!! I won her Dollar Tree trees and I love them!! Ahhh! And she made me a little notebook! Seriously, she rocks!! (Tag!) (By the way, I want a ton more. If any of you see them, let me know and I will pay you for them and shipping!!)

And finally, we are ready for Santa…just need to make the cookies. I searched for a Santa’s cookie plate for almost two months. Found this at our state museum of all places, half off, last weekend!:

The carafe was free from the cookie exchange. Enough said:

I’m off to wrap a million presents!! I’m going to take a few days off to visit your sites and catch up. Like always, if you’d like me to visit and I haven’t, let me know!

Merry, merry, merry Christmas to you!
I hope you have a blessed holiday and a wonderful new year.
I appreciate you all so very much.
P.S. Say a prayer for my tree. 🙂

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