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Christmas, مصمم ديكور

>Yes, more greenery.

>So the Stink Eye Sister strikes again. She walked by me tonight as I wrapped lights around some greenery and gave me the Eye:

“More greenery?” (Stink eye.)

Whatever Sister.

Yes, more greenery. Shut it.

I wanted to show you the various places I put the stuff… It really is such an inexpensive way to make your home pretty and just plain loverly this time of year.

**Edited to add — the Nesting Place blog is having a party about just this! Other people love it like me! Go take a look! (It’s gonna take me hours to get through all of them.)
You’ve seen the mantel:

The dining room:

But here’s some more. I put it on furniture:

On top of cabinets:

Hanging from various places:

Throw some in a window sill:

Behind furniture:

Stairs: (When I complain I don’t have pretty railings to wrap my greenery around, Hubby reminds me that he wanted the railings, not walls. Yeah yeah. Whateva.)

Around doors:

And more…I’ll show you our bedroom soon. I have a little project I want to finish in there first. I think that’s it otherwise…I think. Try it in your home. Wrap some lights around it or throw some ornaments in, and just stick it places. It works. Swear.

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